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In our Alcohol & Other Drugs presentation, our focus is on keeping you and your friends healthy by providing you with factual information about drugs and alcohol and explaining how to look after yourself and the people around you. To give you more information on these topics we've scoured the net and put together a list of our favourite websites. Check them out below:

Drug and Alcohol Office

Run by the Health Department of Western Australia, this website has up to dateĀ  information about drugs in WA. They also have links to a wide variety of alcohol and drug services. Including confidential 24 hour phone services.

Counselling Online

Counselling Online provides a live, one-to-one counselling service over the internet to anyone with an alcohol or drug concern. You can chat privately and anonymously with a professional counsellor from your keyboard.

Leavers WA

The Leavers WA website is a great resource for planning your Leavers week. It has info on staying safe, what to do in an emergency, providing advice to your parents and most importantly: How to have an AWESOME leavers!


Somazone was built specifically to answer YOUR questions. Our favourite feature is the online anonymous Q&A service, that allows you to ask questions about any issue and have a team of health professionals answer it for free.

Alcohol Think Again

The Alcohol Think Again Campaign aims to decrease alcohol-related harm by reducing short-term and long-term harmful drinking.

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