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To be mentally healthy it is important that to achieve a balance in all areas of your life, from school and study to your social life, and even exercise and relaxation. The following websites have a lot of tips and information about staying mentally healthy:


Headspace is Australia's national youth mental health foundation and contains info about what mental health is, how to stay mentally healthy and ways you can get help. They also have heaps of info on drugs and alcohol.

Youth Beyondblue

Depression is really common, and this site is getting out the message that it's ok to talk about. There's heaps of info on how to help your friends when you're worried about them and where you can get help if you need it.

Kids Helpline

This free, anonymous and confidential 24-hour phone service is available to young people aged 5-25. Their counsellors deal with all sorts of issues, from relationship breakdowns to bullying, sexual abuse and drug usage.

Reach Out

Can help you by improving your understanding of the issues that relate to your mental health and wellbeing and providing information to better understand other people's experiences.

The Line

The Line is aimed at helping teenagers and young adults through a difficult time in their lives. The things they experience in relationships now can affect them long into adulthood.

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