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If you've seen one of our Dr YES sessions on Sexual Health you'll know we talk about a whole range of things sex-related, from STIs (sexually transmitted infections) to contraception to visiting your doctor and getting checked up. For more information have a look at the following websites that we have collected together to help with any sexual health related issues. Check them out below:

Sexual Health Quarters

SHQ (Sexual Health Quarters) offers a sexual health clinic, counselling, education and training, resource centre, and disability and youth services for men and women of all ages.

Sexual Assault Referral Centre

SARC is a free emergency service that offers support to anyone aged 13 years and over who has experienced any form of unwanted sexual contact or behaviour in the last 2 weeks, and in-hours counselling for past experiences.


Somazone was built specifically to answer YOUR questions. Our favourite feature is the online anonymous Q&A service, that allows you to ask questions about any issue and have a team of health professionals answer it for free.

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